Avoid Bad Habits

bad habits

Bad habits are like stutter, cutting nails metals, Smoking Etc only the sample body sign which is the last limit of stress. If you want to avoid these bad habits you will only decries your stresses .But 1st of all be careful it is an imagination pressure which is a reason of problem that become a style of another stress.

If you want to get red of  that’s style of stress 1st of all you will recall the period of imagination of yourself which is helpful to limit your stresses. Principle of body powers mean you shall use body power for your body not against your body.  For example Cutting  nail metals habits can be avoid through following these sample theory.

1.   Through about that satiation when you start cutting nails metals in repeated for example  when you meet a stranger you feel a pressure.

2.  Remember when you feel 1st time cutting nails metals in past , 1st time that fear concern and that problem when you feel that time which comes in your imagine feel that atmosphere concentrate your imagination about that fear which force to do any think and when you have  not any way to doing  wright you take your hand in your moth and start cutting nails metals fist time, imagine .

3.  Now observe yours  current   position now your ready for a competition match between you and your  bad habit( cutting nails metals). Today at the moment your nail are growing enough and ready for cutting but now you start the thinking of  changing , imagine beautiful view for your charming personality.

4. Repeatedly performer this practices in a day for several time and always feel better then before. Imagine  yourself in a better stresses and without nail cutting  remove this bad habit completely. A Human is a great creature of ALLAH Subhan -O- Talla . Change the bad memory with good habit and the bad habit will became the story of post now. The power of the imagination is great very soon you will get red of this bad habit.  If you feel  and part of that bad habit in your personality don’t worried because bad habits take a little time to leave you. perform repeatedly the above sad theory  daily many time. This practices will sport your aim and self determination. when you succeed you will enjoy your new charming habits. Beautiful and nice habits a the guarantee of healthy life.