Criticism Between Married Couple

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Marital life has some petty disputes  but during the dispute silence of one partner has save  all family from big fight. But the experts says that the silence of one partner start breaches in life. Criticism is not a good habit of any one. A research tells that  criticism between the married couple has  lose their courage and  beautiful relation.  USA research scholars says that any kind criticism  between married couple   is very dangerous for their marital relation. Psychologists advise for silence when one partner criticize to other for avoiding fought. But the emotional behavior called dissociation and that dissociation will finally the result of  creation of  space & dislike in the heart of the life partner. According to experts a person who bear criticism of life partner and always show silence and patient and he expect a good behavior from his fellow partner is a person of another nature who need love & respect. But always hoping an expectation of good behavior after any petty disputes and have not a compromising to them  the difference between  the couple taking place. Passing after some time with these little disputes  both the partners or only one feel unsafe ,dissatisfaction and lack of love which ended with mistrust.

Behavior of Married couple’s  dissociation is a upsetting problem. silence is not a treatment it is only a terminology which is use to  counter the criticism when any one Attacked on his personal life. But the fact is that  dissociation between the couple and dissatisfaction  behavior has deep relation with a partner criticism. Silence Behavior is a way  which avoid from big lose but left the sadness on the face of the partner. Mostly frequently criticism grow into a big fought therefore silence limited the fought but the other person still  bear on his demand as much as criticism increase from one side the dissociation is increase and love will decries  from marital life.Some scholars conduct a research, they dived their research in three parts.In first part  the asked a question in written format for answering with detail to almost 2588 couples, during the criticism which policy they adopt?  Keep silence and expect that the life partner will feel their emotions or strike against criticism. In 2nd part they review 223 adult who love one and their successful relation and when minor difference take part between then what is their reaction. And at the end 135 undergraduate students to write the articles for married couples relation and fight to each other how they avoid from fight. in a result of their research the find the people who was sad are expect a better behavior  when they take silence during criticism . that are the strong evidence for the sad marital  relation.

That is way in advance societies the family system loses its grip on the member of the family. Because the starting point of that breaking family is marital relation. but in religious societies the family system is very strong which tolerate these mater with the help of  their religion education. In Islamic society marital relation is a holy relation which should be obeyed by every on. the husband know his responsibilities and love for his wife and the wife respect his husband and not criticize in single time. That is way the family system is very much strong  vs another society.  Don’t criticize your friend, fellow and even life partner Always respect every one be happy and love you life partner.