Health is wealth for all mankind. its a God gift and blessing.  It require to take care off your health. For a healthy  & smart life  you need to maintain your weight ,  d,not  gain  or loss your weight  from limits. Need and clean  environment , healthy food  pollution free water & Air , Exercises  and Sports & Game  are very impairment for Human being Health.

Is Weight Gain Necessary for Health?

Yes because some people are body wise very think the need to gain their weight for their fitness there are some tips for weight grain for looking beautiful personality wise. there are many suggestion by experts for losing are gaining weight by changing diets exercise, Medicine or food supplement etc are available in market who helps any individual to grain their weight  but be careful  and always realize that which products are you using  are without  side effect.   which thinks a human body is needed is as under

  • Protein rich foods like Eggs, Cheese , Peanuts, Butters, Legumes ,Meat,  which are not so costly are also available in all home kitten.
  • Vegetable , Fresh fruits, nuts, beans are also healthy. Milk Cream and  Banana are best for health  and weight grain.
  • Fast Food, spices dishes are poison for your stomata.


Is weight losses  Necessary for Health?

Mos people of the world are  worried about their fat bodies & weight  which are not only  bad for their health but also bad for their personalities.  the persons who have fat body and high weight are  not healthy  because fat and big weight are resulted  of High Blood pressure, heard attack , caner,  many other Disease. All the effective people  by fat and big weight asked a common question. can we lost our weight and fat with out any side effective of any extra surgery?The experts answered   yes but first of all you need to completely  fallow the tricks which your physician advise you. if not possible  that then fallow  our tips which are universal themes for weight lessors.

  •  Leave all  food which have Protein rich foods like Eggs, Cheese , Peanuts, Butters, Legumes ,Meat,  only  one egg use its white  in breakfast or in a day only one Egg white side can be used.
  • Fish a few pieces can be used only for change of taste not for  whole lunch or dinner. any type of fish
  • Chicken not spice and used  50% less then before you eat.
  • Seafood not spice and used  50% less then before you eat.
  • Cheese without fats used 50% less the before  you eat.
  • Milk without fats a signal glass in a day when needed
  • Coffee signal cup in a day when needed.
  • Tea signal cup  in a day when needed
  • Green Tea Four to six Cup in a day included with  lemon juice. that will loss your weight  without any side effective.
  • Drank normal water eight to twelve glass in a day.
  • Exercises  double  then you have doing before. walking ruing and swimming are very important for weight losing.


Note . all other drinks avoids during weight reducing practices.