When a person want to go any other country  or any other city he needs  transport, such as  car, bus, Train , ship and Aircraft.  he will spend expenses . If he use his personal convene he spend for fuel , for his breakfast, his lunch , his dinner. he will stay some were in the way . he will spend for his entertainment. If he will travel through Bus he will waste his time his money  his health also because the passage of buses  are not so safe they can lose their health  and even their lives. the passage of Train are so much safe. in Different countries of the word  have most quick  and faster Trains whose speed are more then 360m/h. That are beneficiaries for the people who have travel though them. but the mater is that on in advance countries , Europe Union  and some other countries who have Train to each other countries.  Centuries ago people are traveling through Ships.  nowadays ships are using for containers and other business purpose.   Inter cites some people use ships in dams. lakes for enjoyments but not use for voyages.


Mostly people Travel through Aircraft  from one city to another  or from country to an other country or from reign to other reign and they get tickets from airline web sites, airline offices and from their travel agents.


Most people has a desire to buy their tickets in cheap fares. But the question is that can any individual able to buy his tickets in  cheap fare?


The answer is yes. their is some tricks if anyone follow these tricks  we are sure he will get his tickets in cheap fare.

when a person want for a journey . First of all he plan his Schedule of travel and tentative dates and sector.  If he has  enough information about his sector and flights  travel between that cities, which airlines have code share with one any other airline . If he has  not enough information about that then he advised to get information from someone  who have enough knowledge  about that sector or that cities where he want to travel. The other require  information  about which  airline gave the  facility to buy ticket from website and which airline gave the facilitate with GDS system. Follow these five ways to buy cheap tickets.

  1. If you have plan your journey and you have tentative dates then you  can buy your sets in off season. hare you can  buy  30 to 50 present  cheap  Ticket.
  2. As per your schedule you you can  booked your seats 2 to 4 month before  your travel.  you can also get 20 present cheap ticket.
  3. If you have a knowledge about code sharing of airline you can also get maximum  cheap  tickets and also enjoy  world best airline  passage  in cheap tickets.
  4. Asked your travel agent to book you seats at mid night when maximum airline canceled their bookings . At that time here is a chance to get a cheap economy class. and also cheap business Class.
  5. If your near the airport where you want to take a flight  2 to 4 hours Before  the flight time you can also get cheap ticket. because all air line sell their sets. and the seats which has not sell for any reason they open for sale in cheap. you can also safe your 30 present money for that tickets


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