ICC World Cup History

ICC world Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the Biggest One day International Cricket Tournament between all Cricket playing Nations .. This event is organized by (ICC) International Cricket Council the tournament held after every four years.One day International is the most viewed sporting events in the world. Nearly one third of the whole world population are interdicted with Cricket.Ten International Teams are the regular Members of the ICC and other are the associate Members. These Ten teams are Playing Test Cricket And they call Test Playing Nations. These are Australia, England , Pakistan, India, South Africa, New Zealand,  Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh & Zimbabwe. These are the most famous teams and their counties every body are cricket lovers.

June 1975 The first One day International World Cup was organized by ICC in England .and that was held after four years of first one day international Match. That world cup was won by west indies. the 2nd world cup was also held in England in 1979. Now the ODI player are better playing ODI’s and Enjoys the. this world cup was also won by west indies. 3rd world cup was also hosting by England & Wales . Now in ODI’d History was changed by India when India won the final and defeated west indies by 43 runs. 4th world cup was hosted by Pakistan & India Jointly in 1987. This event was full of Interest, every match was so much interesting and the final was won Australia First time ever in the history. From the 1987 ODI World Cup  hosting has been shared between the members countries under an unofficial rotation system, with 14 ICC members even hosted at least one match in the tournament.The games were reduced from 60 to 50 overs per innings. In 1992 the 5th world cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. At this stage i think the professional cricket are so much mature and the ODI Cricket at its Peak. This World cup was won by Pakistan and beat England by 22 runs in the Final fist time in history. In 1996 6th world Cup was held in Pakistan, India & Sri Lanka Jointly Host the world cup. The final was organized in in Lahore Pakistan the match was between Australia vs Sri Lanka . Sri Lanka beat Australia first time in history & take the Trophy of world cup in their hands. The 7th world cup was held in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & Netherlands Jointly in 1999. all Matches was full of Interest. all the viewers enjoys the matches. here the famous Speed Stars of the world was participating. Mr. Shoaib Akhter & Brett Lee. Shoaib Akhter was the fastest bowler of the world in history which name is at top of speed stars. the final was held in famous Lords Cricket Stadium between Australia Vs Pakistan. the match was won by Australia by 8 wickets. 8th ICC world Cup was held in South Africa, Zimbabwe & Kenya in 2003. Now again the winner of the final is Australia. Australia beet India and won world Third Time. 9th world Cup was Held in West Indies in 2007 and This time a history is also made by Australia when they take the trophy of final when the beet Sri Lanka.
The 10th world Cup Tournament was held in Asia again India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh was the host . This time the final won by India when they bet sri Lanka. Now in 2015 Feb the 11th  ICC ODI world Cup is also schedule in Australia& New Zealand. Who will win the challenge ?