Mental Stress


Mental stress has a Deep relation with life but if we know the way how to control the mental stress this will not effective your heart and mind.The important thing is that how can we feel happy in stress? Don’t feel stress at any incident or any mistake on your mind always try to leave peaceful. when ever you stay with your family parenting and playing with kids. this will charge you energy and you fell fresh minded and tension free. every person has relation with a organization . you have also a relation with any social, culture or any research organization and take time for this. take some time for yourself , for your habit or lonely work or meditate in solitaire .Always remember stress is a individual reaction it is possible that any single incident which take efficient on positive stress is the cause of negative stress. This stress will be good or dangerous. That is dependent on your personality. basic thing is that you feel the danger of stress and try to take the advantage very stress is not good also because when ever anybody who has a very charming job and finally when he retired from services and live a life of loneliness and he still not got any active work which will take him busy this will be happens a discomfort moment for him. what is the key to control the mental stress? we are share with you a very interested experiment. the scientist divided the labour in two groups . where as the are working in a place which is full of sound pollution. you better know causes of sound pollution. JAR of Machines, voices of vendors voices of ladies and children and rash. However they take place a difference between these two group. the scientist place a switch in one group’s room basically that is a facility to press the baton and feel free from the noise or sounds. the other group has not this facility. when the scientist exams the performs of these two group the performs of first group was better then the other. Here the interesting thing is also notices the nobody have use the switch of that baton for free voices. There is a hidden lesson in this experiment that is everybody needed a ” Hidden control button” for free from mental stress. This will help us to competitive pressures of mental stress and tension and help us to leave a easy personal life.

Nature of sense. A research tills that the practices of Laughter will change your stress and the power of diffidence will be increases.

Relevant Food. If you want to get both powers of mind and body them always eat relevant food.

New Activities. For getting release of mantel stress find new activates in a result feel also different and stress in this job.

  Reliable Purposes. In life always set the goal for a purposes which are reliable and relevant also to determinate the purposes the knowledge of that work is also necessary. You also fully aware of your strengths flaws,abilities, weakness ,likes and dislikes .If you are a person who adopt social activities than you can’t able to work in lonely room. Try to find comfort. Can you get the comfort during tension. the answer is No. Then please thought another scheme which gave you comfort during tension sleep is a better way to avoid the different and discouraging moment for some time.

Stable Family. If you have succeeded to develop a stable family thought hard work and having a sincere friends that you have enough weapons for competitive with stress.