Some Important Invention of the future


The scientist are making lot of efforts in research   for some useful  new invention but there is  no one who believe that is no more than a chimera. 35 years before nobody believe that the internet and smart phone will became the world  a global village but the reality is that these things  now exit  every where and every one  has excess them. Today we will tell you some useful  inventions of the future which are in process.

1. Without battery Mobile Phone.


In coming future the mobile phone  will be without battery  and it will work with his owner body current which will be very much impermanent invention. In future like Jams Bond movies  hero who have  flying like a birds a small machine is  trying to invent who will sport  human to fly in the air .

2.  Invisible dress.


Scientist are work on a cloth that is invisible. When a person  wear that dress he will be invisible from the eyes. That dress will be available in the market for sale in coming future. A Television is also in process of completing  which will change the atmosphere of the room like the program seen. For example if the program is related with garden the atmosphere of your room reflect  with rose snow falling seen you will feel cold in your room.Another machine or devise is also very important  which will work like human friend.

3. Vegetable growing without weather.


Another Technology is also invent which will help you for growing vegetable for 12 month with out any problem and 100% safe. This technology is also in progress.

4. Fan without wings.


A fan has been invent 3 years  before which is without wings working 50% better then the old fan .

5. Robots.


The Robots are very useful in advance countries.  the modern Robots works which the owners feeds in their systems. Some Robots are able to learn t. But the common thing which is important is that these all are working like electronic Machine.with passage of time Information Technology is touching its peaks the Robots Technology is also uprated. In coming days these Machines will be more important and more intelligent then ever.