ICC ODI World Cup 2015 Schedules

ICC ODI World Cup is a Biggest Cricket Tournament of All Cricket formats. ICC has Polished  the Schedules of  All Matches and the venous of Matches.  Here we are sharing the Schedules of the Event .

IccWorld Cup Trophy

1st Match   NZ vs SL Feb 14,2015    03:30 (IST) Hagley Oval, Christchurch
2nd Match  AUS vs ENG Feb 14,2015    09:00 (IST) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),Melbourne
3rd Match   SA vs ZIM Feb 15,2015    06:30 (IST) Seddon Park, Hamilton
4th Match  IND vs PAK Feb 15,2015    09:00 (IST) Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
5th Match  IRE vs WI  Feb 16,2015     03:30 (IST) Saxton Oval, Nelson
6th Match  NZ vs SCO  Feb 17,2015    03:30 (IST) University Oval, Dunedin
7th Match  BAN vs AFG  Feb 18,2015    09:00 (IST) Manuka Oval, Canberra
8th Match  ZIM vs UAE  Feb 19,2015     03:30 (IST) Saxton Oval, Nelson
9th Match  NZ vs ENG Feb 20,2015     06:30 (IST) Westpac Stadium, Wellington
10th Match PAK vs WI  Feb 21,2015     03:30 (IST) Hagley Oval, Christchurch
11th Match  AUS vs BAN  Feb 21,2015     09:00 (IST) Brisbane Cricket Ground (Woolloongabba), Brisbane
12th Match  SL vs AFG  Feb 22,2015     03:30 (IST) University Oval, Dunedin
13th Match  IND vs SA  Feb 22,2015    09:00 (IST) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne
14th Match  ENG vs SCO  Feb 23,2015    03:30 (IST) Hagley Oval, Christchurch
15th Match  WI vs ZIM  Feb 24,2015    09:00 (IST) Manuka Oval, Canberra
16th Match  IRE vs UAE  Feb 25,2015    09:00 (IST) Brisbane Cricket Ground (Woolloongabba), Brisbane
17th Match  AFG vs SCO  Feb 26,2015    03:30 (IST) University Oval, Dunedin
18th Match  BAN vs SL  Feb 26,2015    09:00 (IST) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne
19th Match  SA vs WI  Feb 27,2015    09:00 (IST) Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
20th Match  NZ vs AUS  Feb 28,2015    06:30 (IST) Eden Park, Auckland
21th Match  IND vs UAE  Feb 28,2015    12:00 (IST) W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
22th Match  ENG vs SL  Mar 01,2015   03:30 (IST) Westpac Stadium, Wellington
23th Match  PAK vs ZIM  Mar 01,2015    09:00 (IST) Brisbane Cricket Ground (Woolloongabba), Brisbane
24th Match  IRE vs SA  Mar 03,2015   09:00 (IST) Manuka Oval, Canberra
25th Match  PAK vs UAE  Mar 04,2015   06:30 (IST) McLean Park, Napier
26th Match  AUS vs AFG  Mar 04,2015    12:00 (IST) W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
27th Match  BAN vs SCO  Mar 05,2015   03:30 (IST) Saxton Oval, Nelson
28th Match  IND vs WI  Mar 06,2015   12:00 (IST) W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
29th Match  PAK vs SA  Mar 07,2015   06:30 (IST) Eden Park, Auckland
30th Match  IRE vs ZIM  Mar 07,2015  09:00 (IST) Bellerive Oval, Hobart
31th Match  NZ vs AFG  Mar 08,2015   03:30 (IST) McLean Park, Napier
32th Match  AUS vs SL  Mar 08,2015   09:00 (IST) Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
33th Match  ENG vs BAN  Mar 09,2015   09:00 (IST) Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
34th Match  IND vs IRE  Mar 10,2015  06:30 (IST) Seddon Park, Hamilton
35th Match  SL vs SCO  Mar 11,2015  09:00 (IST) Bellerive Oval, Hobart
36th Match  SA vs UAE  Mar 12,2015  06:30 (IST) Westpac Stadium, Wellington
37th Match  NZ vs BAN  Mar 13,2015   06:30 (IST) Seddon Park, Hamilton
38th Match  ENG vs AFG  Mar 13,2015   09:00 (IST) Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
39th Match  IND vs ZIM  Mar 14,2015  06:30 (IST) Eden Park, Auckland
40th Match  AUS vs SCO  Mar 14,2015  09:00 (IST) Bellerive Oval, Hobart
41th Match  WI vs UAE  Mar 15,2015  03:30 (IST) McLean Park, Napier
42th Match  IRE vs PAK  Mar 15,2015  09:00 (IST) Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
A1 vs B4 1st Quarter Final Mar 18,2015  09:00 (IST) Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
A2 vs B3  2nd Quarter Final Mar 19,2015  09:00 (IST) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne
A3 vs B2  3rd Quarter Final Mar 20,2015  09:00 (IST) Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
A4 vs B1  4th Quarter Final Mar 21,2015  06:30 (IST) Westpac Stadium, Wellington
TBC vs TBC  1st Semi Final Mar 24,2015  06:30 (IST) Eden Park, Auckland
TBC vs TBC  2nd Semi Final Mar 26,2015   09:00 (IST) Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
TBC vs TBC    Final Mar 29,2015  09:00 (IST) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne